Amanda Lahr

How Do We Find Stories?

Bittersweet Monthly began as an experiment – an effort to make sense of the challenges facing our world and help discover ways we can meaningfully engage. Its earliest iteration, called Bittersweet Zine, was a print magazine published quarterly. 

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We approached things differently back then. We’d start with an issue that we wanted to learn more about (food deserts, literacy, trafficking, elder care, homelessness) and then research it backwards and forwards. From there, we’d ask, “Who’s doing something about it?” and “How can people engage in that work?” 

This is where we found our true inspiration—from the people serving selflessly, being light, sharing joy, seeking justice, creating cures, and providing compassion. 

Today, we learn about innovative and effective initiatives through our network and make decisions based on the potential value and impact a story feature will create for them. Sometimes these organizations come to us through research, but most often they come to us through relationship – friends, colleagues, field experts, other organizations and readers (yes, that’s you!). 

Bittersweet stories surround us always. Everyone has one… Or knows one… Has heard one. Both locally and globally, there are people and organizations working to make bitter stories sweet every day. 

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