Kate Schmidgall

Sneak Peak / Our Annual Gift Guide, this year benefiting refugees

The long awaited and much anticipated Annual Gift Guide is here! Well, almost! We will officially launch it Friday morning. If you are eagerly looking for ways to leverage your holiday shopping to care for the marginalized and vulnerable, this guide is for you! In it we feature many opportunities to buy truly awesome gifts that double as investments in peace-building and economic empowerment. 

We've got soaps and candles and tea, ties and granola, jewelry and handmade things coming to you from some incredible organizations all over the U.S. as well as from refugee camps in Iraq and Turkey. 

It'll be in your inbox on Friday if you are signed up for our newsletter! 

In the meantime, it's #givingtuesday---so if you are considering how to invest in a world changing narrative of serious hope and systemic change, then there's no better day to become a Core Supporter by donating monthly!