Kate Schmidgall

The Art of Life + Listening, with Mama Maggie

Mama Maggie was just as I had imagined she would be: petite, beautiful, soft-spoken, with gentle, loving eyes. Listening back on our conversation, I hear myself whispering my questions to her. Ha. She has that effect, carrying with her a precious and powerful quiet. 

I've been thinking a lot about rhythms of meditation and contemplation lately, so hearing her talk about focused and intentional seeing and listening was very timely: 

There is beauty and sweetness in every human. If your eyes are looking for the sweetness, you will find it.

Mama Maggie

And  on the counter cultural practice of silence, meditation and contemplation, Mama Maggie offers:

In general, I do believe that we only ever find what we look for. If we look for beauty and sweetness in people, we'll find it. And if we listen deeply for clarity and purpose, we'll find that too. Maybe it's the practice of making space...maybe it's the art of life.