Kate Schmidgall

Storytelling Makes Things Happen, Like Vans

The quantifiable impact of storytelling is not always easy for us to measure (or articulate), but visiting Crushers Club this past Thursday I got to see the NEW VAN they purchased thanks to the proceeds of our story launch party! Prior to the event, Sally and the Crushers Board had said a new van was one of their biggest, most urgent needs—critical to their ability to transport more kids, more efficiently, everyday. 

In terms of story reach, our analytics show that Bittersweet has introduced more than 25,000 people to Crushers Club over the past six weeks. 

Thanks to our readers, our story sponsors, and everyone who participated in the launch event! Also HUGE THANKS (again and again) to our film + photo contributors who made the art and evening possible: David Johnson, Steve Andres, Brandon Ritter, Brandon Lapierre. Finally, a shout out to Seoul Taco, Matthew Rachman GalleryLeaders 1354, and Lagunitas Brewery

Next Bittersweet story launches April 3rd, so more impact to come!