Kate Schmidgall

When Creative Work Starts to Suck the Life Out Of You

This article by Mike Segal for 99U really struck me today: Creative Careers Demand Reinvention. The headline in my inbox dropped like an oxygen mask to my soul.

I wonder sometimes if I'm the only one that slips into suffocation when everything starts feeling iterative, redundant. But it's the making, creating that gives life...so maybe today I need to reinvent a portion of my day to have a new thought in a different space and pace.

It's like Mike said: "A ticket to the creative game is a box seat in a stadium of self-doubt. Going through the turnstile I had a pretty good idea I was never going to be the next George Orwell or Truman Capote, but still I soldiered on, the work a reward in itself. Making something from nothing."

A good reminder and a breath, and permission to switch things up from time to time. Exercise some different muscles. To get started, you might first read the full article.