Flourishing on the Edge of Faith

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Flourishing on the Edge of Faith

by Andrew DeCort, PhD

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Who is God? What gives our lives meaning? Can we begin again?

The human soul simply cannot stop asking these primal questions. Ancient or modern, devout or on the edge of faith — all of us wonder about God, our lives, and what we’re supposed to do with them.

When Jesus taught his followers to pray, he gave them radioactive words that sought to answer these deep questions and a spiritual practice for a fierce flourishing.

This book is a passionate meditation on the profound significance of Jesus’s prayer. With years of study, teaching, and peacemaking around the world, Dr. Andrew DeCort uncovers Jesus’s radical vision for human flourishing in the face of suffering and violence.

Flourishing on the Edge of Faith invites us into that vision through a daily practice of praying with Jesus.

Andrew makes the spirituality of Jesus accessible as he demystifies and strips away the religious trauma of American spirituality, inviting us into the practice of non violence formed by prayer. He communicates the revolutionary prayer of Jesus that has echoed throughout history, giving us a fresh perspective on what it means to be human, and reflects through the lens of Jesus’ prayer on a better way forward than violence, a way that can actually save us from pain, conflict and death. Andrew's compelling writing paints a picture of what human flourishing can look like during an age of worry and violence.

David Gungor, Producer & Song Writer, The Brilliance

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Meet Andrew

Dr. Andrew DeCort has worked as a pastor, professor, and peace practitioner in the US, Europe, and Africa. Andrew is the founding director of the Institute for Faith and Flourishing and co-founded the Neighbor-Love Movement in Ethiopia. His passion is seeing the precious value of each person, encouraging love, and challenging cultural patterns that devalue others. Andrew and his wife Lily live and work between Chicago and Addis Ababa.

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