Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we choose which stories to tell?

Years ago, before BitterSweet published its first issue, we defined four globally-relevant themes: Human Rights, Economic Empowerment, Public Health, and Community Development.

Then, as we evaluated potential features, we defined a four-question filter: What need/issue is the organization solving? How long has the organization been operating (and has their work/impact been affirmed by reputable third-parties)? What practical engagement opportunities exist for the folks in our network to participate in, should they be compelled? Does it seem that professional creative/story assets are critical in achieving their mission (or do they otherwise have a million-dollar marketing department)?

Those questions remain our guiding framework. At our annual team retreat, together with our core contributors, we pitch a few dozen story ideas and then engage in rigorous, open debate to arrive with a final story slate.

NOTE: We are ALWAYS looking for more inspiring stories/organizations to add to the mix, so nominate an organization if you have some ideas!

Sending story teams around the world is expensive. How is Bittersweet funded?

Ah, yes. BitterSweet Foundation (a 501c3) is funded mostly by our for-profit story shop, BitterSweet Creative, and by our faithful Story Supporters who donate monthly.

If you’d like to join the BitterSweet effort, please become a story supporter! Next step should be to subscribe to our newsletter (see link in footer) and help us grow readership by sharing the stories with your network. If you are a creative and might like to contribute your time and talent at some point, say hello and we will circle back when we have an opportunity that fits your skillset(s).

What's your greatest need?

Thanks for asking! BitterSweet is a growing movement of creatives who are serious about digging into issues of poverty, war, disease, devastation and abuse to find uplifting stories of serious, gritty hope. Quite simply, we want to have story teams in every major city (around the world) publishing at least one story a year to the platform. Our greatest need is for volunteer BitterSweet City Leads to help us make that vision a reality.

Also, we'd like to be publishing these stories in print as well, but that would require significant and consistent underwriting. We've even talked about making this series into children's books for the littles to be inspired by real people doing hard work on real issues. If any of that is something you would be interested in helping us prioritize, please send us a note!