Flourishing on the Edge of Faith

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Flourishing on the Edge of Faith

Seven Practices for a New We

by Andrew DeCort, PhD

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Who is God? What gives our lives meaning? Can we begin again?

The human soul simply cannot stop asking these primal questions. Ancient or modern, devout or on the edge of faith—all of us wonder about God, our lives, and what we’re supposed to do with them.

When Jesus taught his followers to pray, he sought to answer these deep questions with a spiritual practice for a fierce flourishing. This book is a passionate meditation on the profound significance of Jesus’s prayer.

With years of study, teaching, and peacemaking around the world, Dr. Andrew DeCort uncovers Jesus’s radical vision for human flourishing in the face of suffering and violence.

Flourishing on the Edge of Faith invites us into that vision through a daily practice of praying with Jesus.

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Meet Andrew

Andrew DeCort holds a PhD in Religious and Political Ethics from the University of Chicago. He has worked as a pastor, professor, and peace practitioner in the US, Europe, and Africa. Andrew is the founding director of the Institute for Faith and Flourishing and the Neighbor-Love Movement. His first book Bonhoeffer’s New Beginning: Ethics After Devastation was published by Fortress Academic (2018).

What People Are Saying

This book is subtle and radical… If you open your heart enough, it will introduce you to a new worldview, and maybe even change your world.

Eboo Patel, Founder and President, Interfaith America

Flourishing’s fresh, blazing, Jesus-intoxicated spiritual vision can speak to everyone… Andrew is one of the most inspired, and inspiring, Christian thinkers and practitioners that I know anywhere in the world.

Rev. Dr. David Gushee, Past-President, The American Academy of Religion

I am an atheist, would never dream of praying, and believe that religion has wrought much evil in the world. But Flourishing on the Edge of Faith embodies the kind of Christianity that I do not hesitate to get behind.

David Livingstone Smith, Author of On Inhumanity: Dehumanization and How to Resist It

This book is at once comforting and discomfiting in a deeply personal way. Whether you’re a believer or not, Flourishing on the Edge of Faith will give you the shameless courage necessary to stand for peace.

Dr. Alex de Waal, Executive Director, The World Peace Foundation

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