with walter brueggemann

Solidarity is our calling; purposeful participation with God in living out steadfast love for all humanity and creation. It is an orientation and a determination. "It is a joyous way to live," says Walter. 

From ache to awakening, we have choice in how we change and what we decide to anchor to as meaningful. 

This attention to neighbor opens endless wonder and invites exhilarating opportunity to be freed more and more deeply from ourselves and our anxieties. Disciplining our impulses for isolation into practical, simple self-giving. Surrendering our singleness for a covenantal belonging to one another. 

This way requires respect for the sacredness of every soul. A practice of care and concern and protection for the dignity and infinite worth of every person, every created being. A generous, expansive posture that delights in the disciplines of life in community.

My life is not about me. And your life is not about you. We bear the image of a God of tenacious solidarity. "What does it mean for you to be made in the image of that God, who is not defined by power but by fidelity?" asks Walter. 

May we increase in imagination and come alive with invitation. May we decrease in fear, insecurity, anxiety, competition, and any instinct, bias, or thought that tells us only of threats to our comfort, control, and security. 

May we yield to one another in love and learn what it means to live in the tenacious solidarity of God, like Jesus.