David Schmidgall

David Schmidgall


David has been deeply shaped by jazz, photography and peacemaking - finding infinite joy at their crossroads: improvisation and constraints, seeing and storytelling, conflict and flourishing.

David earned a Master's Degree in International Policy/Peacebuilding from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. For more than 13 years, he has served as a Pastor and Executive Director of A18 Missions at National Community Church in Washington DC, leading a diverse community seeking both ancient and innovative kingdom solutions to the problems of our world today.

Building from the many years of experience in redemptive entrepreneurship, empowering non-profits and the local Church, is passionate about supporting a transparent and trustworthy Dream Fund that will seed and hatch spirit-led dreams of entrepreneurs and artists; the agents of cultural renewal. His many years of serving the Church around the world clarifies his conviction for the missions landscape to be transformed towards "kingdom economics", a more just and compassionate vision of flourishing of all people.

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