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Shapes & Colors

Obiekwe "Obi" Okolo

Just after birth, a newborn baby sees only in grayscale. As their color vision slowly develops in the first four months of life, they prefer to fixate their gaze on round shapes with light and dark, high-contrast, borders (such as their parents' eyes).

This month, we shared the work of Nurse-Family Partnership and their fostering relationships between new moms and registered nurses. In celebration of early life, we imagined a music-scape made in the likeness of a world out of focus and the beautiful uncertainty of slowly coming alive to existence in full color.

Editor's Note

Take a seat, pour a drink, turn shuffle off and hit play. Our BitterSweet playlists are for listening. Not background playing, ideally. There are so few invitations and avenues for unhurried, undistracted listening in our world. Give yourself an hour with this playlist to imagine a world still unmade—all potential without the baggage. Enjoy.

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Obiekwe "Obi" Okolo

Guest Editor

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